Grieghallen, Edvard Griegsplass 1, 5015 Bergen

Grieghallen has been a landmark in Bergen since 1978 and has housed major events such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the annual Festspillene i Bergen (Bergen International Festival). In addition, Grieghallen is a fully developed course and conference centre right in the heart of the city.

About Bergen

Founded more than 900 years ago, Bergen has roots to the Viking Age and beyond. As one of the main offices of the Hanseatic League, Bergen was for several hundred years the centre of prosperous trade between Norway and the rest of Europe. Bryggen, («The Hanseatic Wharf») is the most obvious remnant from this time, and is today home to many of the city’s restaurants, pubs, craft shops and historical museums.

Bergen is famous for the seven mountains surrounding the city centre, the Hanseatic Wharf, the fish market, and one of Norway’s biggest cultural events, the Bergen International Festival, which is held there each year.

Travelling to and from the airport

You can travel to and from the airport by car, light-rail or bus.

  • A light-rail service (Bybanen) will take you directly from the airport into the city center. Travel time is around 40 minutes and a one-way ride costs NOK 38. Departures are every 10 minutes during the busiest parts of the day. The light rail stop is right outside the terminal. Tickets can be purchased via ticket machines at the light rail stop or in the baggage claim area. Credit cards will be accepted. Click here for more information.
  • The Airport Express bus (Flybussen) stops at the left hand side just outside the main terminal building. The bus drives an express route that only takes 20 minutes to the Bergen Bus Station. In the city centre, the bus also stops at Festplassen and Bryggen. Departures are every 10 minutes during the busiest parts of the day. A one-way ticket costs NOK 115, a return ticket costs NOK 195 (valid for one month). Click here for more information
  • Taxi. You can also travel to and from the airport by taxi. Travel time is around 20 minutes and will cost around NOK 500, depending on the time of day. Book a taxi here

Direct flights to Bergen.

Amsterdam –
Copenhagen – and
London –
Reykjavik – – (only summer)
Oslo – and
Stockholm – and
Paris –
You will find an overview of all direct flights to Bergen here.

Travel by train to Bergen.

Oslo –

Travel by ferry to Bergen.

Denmark –